Any good general contractor can build an LV Series Home. Our Kit, detailed Plans, and Construction Binder make the process of building easy. In addition, we are available for any construction-related questions throughout the entirety of the process. For details on how to build your LV, visit Build the LV.


On average the home costs $120-$195 per sq. ft. to build. This includes all the construction costs associated with the LV Home. Specifically it includes the LV Kit, Kit shipping, Kit assembly, foundation, floor framing, roof framing, windows, roof, and all the interior finish costs. This price does not include costs outside of the LV Home build, such as the cost of land, landscaping, or infrastructure (wells, driveways, septic, landscaping, etc.). In the Midwest, the LV can be built around $120 per sq. ft. In California, as well as certain select areas on the East Coast where higher labor costs exist, the average is between $150-$195 per sq. ft. DIYers have built LV Series Homes for as low as $87 per sq. ft. and high-end client build outs have been as high as $250 per sq. ft.

The overall consensus of our LV homeowners has been that the LV Series’ construction price is on average the same or slightly below local stick-built rates in their area. Our clients consider this a great value given that high-end modern design is usually very expensive and on the upper end of their local market.