The LV Series models have been designed to be built individually or combined to create a larger home or compound. Rocio Romero, LLC can provide a wide range of design services from straightforward customizations like reconfiguring your interior layout to more complex customizations, such as combining and stacking LV models. If you require custom design assistance, it will be charged as an additional expense. Pricing for customization will vary in accordance to the degree of customization you require. Fees are billed hourly or on a pre-bid basis.

STANDARD LV SERIES HOMES are pre-designed. Upon purchasing you will receive a full construction document set that can be used to attain a building permit. Additional design services may be required if there are special requirements from your local building authorities and/or financing organizations. Also, if you are building in an area that requires certification by an engineer, additional services and fees will apply.

CUSTOM LV SERIES HOMES are LV HOMES that are customized to meet personal and site needs, such as reconfiguring walls, adding rooms, adding LV models, and altering model sizes. This adds more time and cost to the overall process, as we will need to discuss the options, design and draw construction documents and shop drawings, engineer the project, and re-price your LV Series Home. For more details visit Build the LV: Custom Design Projects and Build the LV: Custom Design Precedents for ballpark design and kit costs. Be sure to check out the galleries in the LV Models Section for inspiration! 


We can have a structural engineering firm that is licensed in all 50 states certify all your building plans — including the foundation plan — so long as our advertised structural requirements meet your local building requirements. Additionally, this firm can certify your home for energy codes throughout all 50 states.


Rocio Romero can prepare schematic drawings for potential LV customers to make sure that your LV Home meets your needs and your location. These drawings will help facilitate design fee estimates, preliminary loan and appraisal processes, and ballpark bid estimates from contractors. For more details visit the Build the LV: Preliminary Schematics. To download a Preliminary Schematics contract, use the following link: Build the LV: Preliminary Schematics Contract.



Our hourly rates are as follows:

Designer’s Consultation $240.00/ hr.
Project Management $120.00/ hr.
Senior Drafting Fees $80.00/ hr.
Junior Drafting Fees $50.00/ hr.
Clerical Fees $30.00/hr.
Reimbursables Cost 1.10 times the direct cost

Note: Our proposed fees for services include labor and normal expenses related to mailing and telecommunications. Reimbursable items include engineering services, reproductions, plotting, film processing, travel expenses, and postage in conjunction with the project. Reimbursables will be charged at 1.10 times the direct cost.